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NeemAzal®–T/S Organic Insecticide

A Natural Pesticide

NeemAzal®–T/S is a natural pesticide developed by Trifolio–M GmbH, Germany. NeemAzal®–T/S has shown excellent insecticidal properties against caterpillars, beetles, whiteflies, leaf hoppers, thrips & mites on severa crops. The list of pests that are controlled by the product continues to expand with the large number of bioefficacy studies that are being carried out in different parts of the world.

Mode of Action

The insecticidal activity of NeemAzal®–T/S is mainly executed through its Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) activity resulting in disruption of insect development. Affected insects do not complete their life-cycle and die during metamorphosis.

NeemAzal®–T/S also disrupts the behavioral pattern of egg laying besides exhibiting varying degree of toxicity to eggs and early insect stages. The multifarious mode of action is an added advantage for controlling a number of pests.

Unique features

NeemAzal®–T/S contains 10,000 ppm azadirachtin. The high azadirachtin content ensures reliable efficacy. Its oil-free property ensures quick degradation and prevents phytotoxicity to the crops. The unique emulsifiable and spreading property ensures greater foliar coverage Use of natural additives gives NeemAzal®–T/S the status of a total natural pesticide.

NeemAzal®–T/S has proved to be a stand alone product on various crops and by virtue of its safety to beneficials fits well with organic and IPM programs. The control of Trifolio-M over raw materials, the unique manufacturing process and stringent quality control ensures that NeemAzal®–T/S is free of aflatoxins.

NeemAzal – Nature cure for your crops

NeemAzal® is the answer to the degradation of the environment caused by the use of harsh chemical pesticides. NeemAzal® successfully retards insect growth through effective hormone embargo. This leads to the disruption of the normal life cycle of insects and prevents development of the next generation of pests which facilitates long-term pest management. NeemAzal® has proved to be an effective phago-repellent, antifeedant and anti-ovipositant while also exhibiting ovicidal & contact action in certain cases. The complex neem limonoid spectrum and multiple mode of action of NeemAzal® prevent pests from developing resistance.

NeemAzal: Selective, sure, safe

NeemAzal® works on the concept that while eliminating target pests, it does not harm beneficials. The target pests include caterpillars, beetles, mealy bugs, aphids, whiteflies, thrips and mites. Constant research is lengthening this list everyday.

NeemAzal® has been found effective in controlling insects that damage vegetables, plantations, ornamentals, greenhouse plants and turfs.

NeemAzal® is benign to beneficials which play an effective role in the natural regulation of pest population. In addition, the use of NeemAzal® does not leave any residue or taint on the crop.

PDF File NeemAzal®-T/S: EU Approval certificate for organic farming (57 KB)
PDF File NeemAzal®-T/S: FiBL certificate (76 KB)
PDF File Larvaecidal effects of azadirachtin on the pine processionary moth (Unal, Sabri; Akkuzu, Erol, 2009) (141 KB)

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