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About us

Since our establishment in 1995, we target sales of innovative, high quality and environment friendly products. Verim Group is the authorized distributor of several companies across Europe and Americas, distributing different products through one channel. Verim Group is pioneering in sales of plant protection and apiculture products of high quality, EU compliant with expert staff to bring the best quality and environment friendly organic agriculture and plant protection products to Turkish agriculture, forestry and livestock. Think your future. Opt for the Organic Agriculture.

Organic Insecticide NeemAzal®-T/S
  • Insecticide, direct from the nature, from the Neem tree seed kernels
  • Accepted worldwide in organic farming
    ( FiBL, OMRI, Naturland, IMO)
  • Efficient control of hundreds of insect pests and mites!
  • Free of aflatoxins and no residues, no MRL, no PHI!
  • Safe for beneficial insects and predators
  • Controls efficiently Tuta absoluta!
  • Registered in Turkey on June 20, 2000
Varroa Control with Thymovar®
  • Can be used in organic beekeeping with its active ingredient: Thymol
    (EC 1804/1999)
  • Highly toxic to Varroa mites!
  • No residues in Honey!
  • Does not harm bees
  • Swiss quality and certified ISO 9001
  • Registered in Turkey on Jan 18, 2005
Tuta absoluta pheromone: Qlure-TUA®
  • First registered pheromone of tuta absoluta in Turkey!
  • Higher catch rate to enable more effective mass trapping programs
  • Longer operating life span particularly in open fields at elevated temperature.
  • Releases for up to 120 days!
  • Produced in England
  • Registered in Turkey since 11.10.2010
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